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first book

Looking for a book to help your child to be better prepared for the birth of a new baby? 

Are you wanting to have the older sibling

to look for and be excited at the

different stages of the baby's developement,

even look for ways to help out?  

How about combining that with a scrapbook

to remember these special moments?

It's not just about the baby.  

These books encourage ways the whole family

can work together for a smoother adjustment to the changes of the household this baby will bring.


I searched for books to help my two grandchildren prepare for the arrival of their new baby brother. Miguel de Cervantes quoted, "To be prepared is half the victory".


I am a believer in giving a heads up to children when entering into a new situation.  I found I had less trouble while preparing 30 elementary school children for my art classes or before field trips.


I tried to find a book that suited my needs.  I was terribly disappointed with the books I purchased.  Books to read to the child lacked some of the topics I wanted to touch on.  The parenting help books were way too long, involving many chapters I did not need.  They did not have any illustrations to show the children.  I therefore decided to make my own book  from the online photo album store.  I read this book to my grandchildren many times over.  When their new baby brother arrived, I was so pleased to witness the things they did and said were straight from the book!


If it was helpful to these children I thought it would be helpful to other families. I proceeded to write a book.  And so, the first book was published,  making use of many of our family's personal photos.  It is now in it's third edition with many improvements added.


I started to think that there were children of many different ethnic backgrounds, and so, the second book was made. This book seems to be the more popular book.


If you have a wee toddler then I suggest taking two pages at a time, since their attention span is quite short. There will be a book which I am in the process of creating to appeal more to those little two and three year olds.


                           To be prepared is half the victory - Miguel de Cervantes 

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