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I love the heart and soul of the book!


Our staff loved the books! We will rotate them thru our five centers. Where we live, it is extremely multi-cultural and the ethnic version was a big favorite. You just don't see enough of that.  That is our world so bravo to you for being sensitive to that. Great idea!..............I love the heart and soul of the book and wish you much success in having created something so special. Your accomplishment is an inspiration......  


Cindy Nachtigall Family Program Leader

Community Connector at Fort Garry

St. Norbet Healthy Child Coalition 

Great Gift for 2nd Baby Shower

I found this book very easy to read for a child to comprehend. Great book for a 2nd baby shower. Loved all the pictures.  This author has a nurturing way of writing. Great idea to incorporate picture slots for the older child. I wish I had this book when my second child arrived.


Great Book!

My neice is pregnant with her third child and so I ordered it for her. It's such a great idea! (It's one of those..."now why didn't I think of that" kind of idea). I believe this book will help with the stress levels of the siblings. I particularly love where you can incorporate pictures of the siblings into the they can feel connected when the new baby arrives. Brilliant! I think the book will help with any jealousy issues.


Great concept. Will be very helpful for parents and siblings.


What Will Baby Be Like? is a sentimental and entertaining primer. A hands-on for parents and grandparents to communicate to children the love and happiness a new baby brings to a household. It allows the baby's siblings the opportunity to participate in welcoming home the new family addition and understand why there are some changes in the family's priorities. A keepsake book to reveal, in later years, the joy and love between siblings when they were first introduced and starting their lives together.


Barry Bardone member of

Tri-State Writers Society,


An Amazng little book  that will benefit

the whole family.


What a lovely little book for parents who are introducing their new born baby to big brothers and sisters, as well as, the rest of the family.  This book shares so much valuable information. Bringing baby home is all addressed in easy to understand reading steps. Being able to enter the child's photos in the book makes it a very personal book ,where by, it invovles the siblings to proudly treasure those special moments of pride and showing them how they were babies at one time in their lives. This book will help in the transition of bringing a new infant home.

Children will love the variety of pictures showing all the things that babies do. 


The author has beautifully laid out this book with amazing pictures and answers all the questions children might wonder about their little brother or sister. This great little book makes a nice gift to a mother of a new born baby with young siblings. As a gift for a baby shower, to ....................

I especially loved all the spots to paste the older child's photos.


I highly recommend the special books.

Anna Othitis "A. Othitis"

Author of children's travel books

Well-thought-out presentation and helpful

Parents will have a great time sharing this book with their first born. The challenges of bringing the 2nd baby home are all addressed in an easy to understand and personal fashion. I like that you are  able to enter  your child's photos into the book, making it a book the child will want to visit over and over again. It will help the family to better acclimate to the changes that are in store for all.


Sweet book, great gift and keepsake


Such a sweet book! The pictures are engaging and the text, just perfect for young ears. A great gift for any second parent to spend some one on one time with the older sibling, Covers every question a child might have about a new baby. Love it!




My grandchildren love this book!


Children will love the variety of pictures showing all the things that babies do. My grandchildren wanted to soothe the crying babies and laughed at the babies making a mess with their food. The author has beautifully laid out this book and answered the questions children might wonder about their upcoming little brother or sister, but don't know how to ask. Makes a great gift.

Kathleen Herr 'Katgram'