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At the moment I am in the process of designing. I hope you enjoy what I do have so far.

Life is Beautiful
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Vi's Books

Being Grandparents

Watch for my blogs on the subject of


Because of my full schedule this summer,there remains little

time for blogging.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with your children doesn't have to cost you anything. What they want from you is your undivided attention while doing something they enjoy


Grandma's Daycare


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Living in Southern California in the past few years with drought conditions, my beautiful gardens are no more.

If you enjoy walking through gardens  I want to share my well tended gardens of the past.


I love reading books! Do you?

Some of my favorite authors are Nelson DeMille, David Rosenfelt,

Janet Evanovich, Laurie R King,

Spencer Quinn.

See my Goodreads page

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Some of My Interests

Avid Reader



It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whoever loves much performs much, and accomplish much, and whatever is done in love is done well.    Vincent van Gogh

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